Alstone Court Riding Establishment Summer Show

Monday 26th August 2019

Ring One

Show Jumping             10.00am Start

Class 1: 20cm

Class 2: 30cm

Class 3: 40cm

Class 4: 50cm

Class 5: 60cm

Class 6: 70cm

Class 7: 75cm

Class 8: 80cm

If there are more than 10 lead reins in classes 1 and 2, these will be spilt. Class 5, 6, 7 & 8 will be Crickland Winter League Qualifiers.

Entry fee: £9.00 per class.


Ring Two

Clear Round              Start 10.00am

£4.00 a round

or three rounds for £10.00

Heights as requested


Ring Three
Fun Showing                              11.30am start

Class 9: Prettiest Mare

Class 10: Most Handsome Gelding

Class 11: Best Mane

Class 12: Best Tail

Class 13: Cutest Eyes

Class 14: Best Veteran Horse or Pony (15 years and over)

Class 15: Best Cob

Class 16: Most Unusual Coloured

Entry Fee: £6.00 per class


Ring four

Fun Showing                    11.30am start

Class 17:  Tiny Tots (Child under 5 years)

Class 18: Cutest Combination (9 years and under)

Class 19: Best Child Handler (Under 12 years)

Class 20: Horse or pony judge would most like to take home

Class 21: Most ‘Blinged Up’ Horse or Pony

Class 22: Cutest Shetland

Class 23: Thelwell look alike

Class 24: Fancy Dress

Entry Fee: £6.00 per class



  1. Hats that meet BHS guidelines and boots or shoes with heels must be worn.
  2. Judges decision is final.
  3. All show jumping will be run under the BSJA.
  4. Undue use of whips, sticks, spurs and bad language may incur disqualification.
  5. No cantering is allowed outside designated practice areas.
  6. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. Please clean up after them.
  7. No refunds of entry fees.
  8. Practice jumps must be approached in the direction indicated. Red flags on the right.
  9. The committee and landowners do not hold themselves responsible for any loss or damage to spectators, horses, property or vehicles.