I started riding at Alstone Court in January 2010 after a break from horse riding of almost 30 years. I began by riding just once a month but enjoyed it so much that I am now riding 3 times a week. The horses at Alstone Court are beautifully cared for and it is obvious that they are happy in their environment. The horses have their individual personalities and I soon found my favourite – Hardy – a liver chestnut Welsh cob. The staff at Alstone Court are so supportive and encouraging. My riding technique was very rusty when I began but, thanks to the expert instruction that I received from Sally and Erica, I soon found my confidence. My riding improved so much that I have been able to join Alstone’s jumping lessons and can now manage to complete a clear round. Before I started riding again I looked at several local riding schools. I chose Alstone Court because the facilities are simply outstanding – a large indoor arena – so you can ride indoors when it is freezing cold and pouring with rain – and wonderful outdoor riding, either in the outdoor arena or across the Somerset farmland to the sea. I wish that I hadn’t waited 30 years before getting back in the saddle and had visited Alstone Court so much sooner.